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The Complete Sole F80 Treadmill Review

Look across any Sole F80 treadmill review and it will quickly become apparent that you’re looking at one of the elite cardiovascular exercise machines of our time.  Sole fitness has been working on their designs for years now, selling high quality exercise equipment which have been flying off the shelves at Sears and Amazon.com.  They’ve managed to take a piece of the value alternative market and crank out the highest reviewed treadmill of the year.  This Sole F80 treadmill review aims to bring together not only a review of the actual treadmill, but just what everyone else is saying about this magnificent piece of exercise equipment all across the Internet.

The Sole F80 Treadmill Review

Since its release, the Sole F80 has become known as the highest-quality treadmill in its price range by introducing quality components and user-friendliness to an unheard of market value.  But perhaps the move that solidified the Sole F80 in many people’s minds as the best treadmill on the market for the price came in 2011 when Sole Fitness extended the tread deck, upgraded the display to an amazing size and graphics package and overhauled the design, bringing a fresh outlook to a tired industry.

When all the changes were bundled together and everything was said and done, what Sole put out was a treadmill that was not only great for moderate runners who didn’t want to fork over the thousands of dollars larger companies are asking for, but also a great treadmill for beginners and experts alike.  The power and toughness of the Sole F80 solidified its spot as the best all-around treadmill on the market.

Sole F80 Treadmill Review

Sole F80 Treadmill Review

With a powder-coated, all-steel welded frame and super heavy-duty inclines, the stability of the F80 was only outdone by the power emitting from the industrial-quality 3.0 horsepower continuous duty motor.  Add to that the zinc-coated, fully balanced flywheel and you have the most dominant, quiet, sturdy, vibration-free exercise surface the home treadmill industry has seen.

The Cushion Flex System

But under the surface, this Sole F80 treadmill review found even more things to write home about.  The super-quiet, low-impact Cushion Flex deck eliminates so much of the harmful impact that treadmill use has on your knees, spine, ankles and hips that running becomes a breeze.  For those who are looking for a way to rehab or strengthen an existing injury, this is just the deck to do it on.  Researchers have recently concluded that the Cushion Flex System on the F80 reduces impact up to 40% as compared to running on asphalt!

Astounding Display Screen

As for the new display, the 7.5-inch LCD display makes it simple to track your performance with vibrant graphics that displays speed, incline, time, distance traveled, calories, pulse, and pace all on their own windows.  The console also comes with 1/4-mile track and a peek-and-valley graph for different programs, but most impressively, boasts an integrated sound system that lets you listen to your iPod or MP3 player while you work out.  Whether you want to blast your tunes on the built-in speakers that hook up right to your player’s headphone jack or listen to the thump of your own heart, you’ll only hear what you want to hear from now on.

You’ll also enjoy a scrolling message board integrated right into the console which recaps your workouts when you’re done, walks you through them as you’re exercising and helps you stay focused and motivated through those harder sessions.

Innovative Heart Rate Controls

Finally, one of the niftiest controls we’ve seen in a while, the F80 comes with two heart-rate-controlled workout options, allowing you to fully customize your workout to your specific needs.  By monitoring your heart rate, the treadmill will lock into your target zone on the graph in your console and automatically adjust and readjust the incline as you work out.  This keeps you in your target zone with 99.9% accuracy ratings coming from the wireless chest strap.  The second heart rate control allows you to roam through the six pre-programmed workouts or two programs that are fully customizable.

Other Features

An Easy Assist folding deck design helps reduce space without you having to do the heavy lifting yourself.  The F80 also has cooling fans, a large stop switch, armrest speed and incline controls, a 20-by-60-inch running belt, and a low-profile running hood.

How is the Sole F80 Being Received?

Looking through many a Sole F80 treadmill review, we were able to find that regardless of price range, the F80 has earned more customer and trainer recommendations than any other treadmill on the market today.  It even beats out the top-rated, top-tiered treadmills that cost thousands of dollars more!  Since the usability of the F80 is so high, customers everywhere are finding this to be the current steal of the exercise world.

It’s been called sturdy, stable, quiet and easy to use time and time again on Amazon.  Customers also like the ease of folding, assembly and storage, but most of all they love the extended warranty.  Coming with lifetime coverage on the motor, frame and deck, and a five year warranty on the electronics, belt and rollers, PLUS two years of labor, this warranty is one of the best that this reviewer has ever seen.

The Sole F80 won Best Buy awards from both TreadmillDoctor.com and Treadmill-Ratings-Reviews.com and is also one of the most-reviewed models on user-review sites such as Amazon.com, Sears.com and DicksSportingGoods.com and others, earning a 4-star or better rating on each site.

Sole F80 Treadmill Review Specifications

•    Motor: 3.0 horsepower continuous duty, DC type
•    Speed: 0.5 to 11 miles per hour
•    Incline: 15 percent maximum, rack-and-pinion gear design
•    Deck design: Cushion Flex shock absorption, whisper quiet
•    Running surface: 20 by 60 inches
•    Belt: Double-woven 2 ply
•    Rollers: 2-3/4 inches
•    Folding: Yes, with Easy Assist folding feature
•    Heart rate control: Yes, with wireless chest strap
•    Hand pulse grips: Yes, with armrest speed/incline controls
•    Display: Backlit blue LCD, 7.5 inches
•    Message window: Yes, scrolling info
•    Standard programs: 6
•    User-defined programs: 2
•    Heart rate programs: 2
•    Cooling fans: Yes
•    Capacity: 350 pounds
•    Dimensions: 33 by 80 inches (W x D)
•    Weight: 250 pounds
•    Warranties: Lifetime on motor, deck, and frame; 5 years on electronics, belt, rollers, and other wear components; 2 years on labor

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