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The Features Of The Weslo Cadence G5.9 Treadmill

When it comes to exercising and getting in shape, most people tend to turn to gym memberships and physical trainers. Although they are well known for being very helpful in the weight loss process, not everyone can afford those things. Fortunately, physical trainers and gym memberships aren’t the only ways to lose weight. One can get in shape and be healthy by simply purchasing a quality treadmill. Despite the fact that there are so many treadmill out there to choose from, it doesn’t mean all are worth getting. One of the best quality treadmills out there is the Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill, as it is filled with so many features and benefits.

The Features Of The Weslo Cadence G5.9 Treadmill

1. Blue Tinted LCD Monitors

One of the main features to this specific treadmill is the fact that it offers blue tinted LCD monitors allowing you to see your heart rate, number of calories you’ve burned, speed, time, pulse, and distance. Seeing your how many calories you have lost is a very big deal, as jogging or running outside will never let you find out how much you have lost. Working out and burning fats had become much easier and fun through the help of this wonderful treadmill.

2. High Weight Capacity

Aside from a Blue tinted LCD monitor, this treadmill also has a high weight capacity of 275 pounds. This basically means you will be able to exercise on this treadmill even if you are that heavy. This is a very great treadmill which has been shown to help even the most unfit people become healthy and toned. Regardless of your current weight, you will be able to use this state of the art treadmill in the comfort of your own home.

3. Lightweight

This beautiful treadmill is also very lightweight, weighing only 119 pounds. This basically allows you to move it around your home easily without having to strain your back or other body parts!. This feature is very helpful, especially for those that don’t have space to leave a treadmill in position all the time. You can easily move it from the spare room to in front of the TV when you need to.

The Benefits To Buying The Weslo Cadence G5.9 Treadmill

1. Durable

The main benefit to buying this specific treadmill is that it is very durable. Regardless of how often you use this specific treadmill, it will maintain its functionality and stability. Durability is a very important factor for any workout machine to have, and this treadmill offers just that.

2. Easy To Use And Comfortable

Aside from durability, this treadmill is also very easy and comfortable to use. Regardless of how often you may use this treadmill, you will always find it comfortable on your body and easy to use.  The instructions are simple to follow and the
support offered by this treadmill, mean you will look forward to using it and will work out on a regular basis. This is not a treadmill that will become another expensive hanger for your clothes!
If you are interested in getting in shape, then you  should definitely consider buying the Weslo Cadence G5.9 treadmill. The moment you start using this treadmill, you will be on the journey to a better and healthier body.

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