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The Roadster’s Guide To Getting The Best Treadmill For Running

Making the switch from road training to treadmill training is a big decision in every runner’s lives and one not to be taken lightly.  As I’m sure you probably know, not every treadmill is made to withstand the rigorous pounding that runners provide it with daily.  That’s why it’s important that you know a few tips and pointers that will help you get the best treadmill for running.

When looking for the best treadmills for running, all the standard knowledge applies, i.e. know your top brands (Precor, Livestrong, Horizon, LifeSpan Fitness, Phoenix, ProForm, Endurance, Schwinn, Smooth and Nordic Track), browse the customer reviews for people with similar workout needs, ask around the gym and track and always comparison shop online to get the best prices.  But as mentioned, finding the best treadmill for running requires some special knowledge; luckily, you’ve come to the right place for that.

Getting the Best Treadmills for Running

First, know that running regularly on a treadmill is going to require you to put the notion that you can get a budget model out of your head.  Budget treadmill models are made up of less sturdy materials and can’t withstand the abuse regular running dishes out to a treadmill.  You’re not going to spend under $1000 (unless you strike it lucky on a blowout sale or garage sale) and you’re most likely only going to be looking at mid to high end models of treadmills.  These types of treadmills are built for runners; do yourself a favor and don’t try to skimp here.

Best Treadmill For Running

Best Treadmill For Running

Next, pay specific attention to each of these areas if you truly want to get the best treadmill for running:

•    Folding Capabilities:  Sacrificing some space and buying a non-folding treadmill will give you more stability, something that is crucial when it comes to running on a treadmill.  Folding treadmills have center joints in the base which make them prone to breakage when they are subjected to running.  Plus, non-folding models have better shock absorption systems which make them better for your joints and body.

•    Features:  Pay attention to the features on the models you are looking at and ensure that the best treadmill for running is actually the best treadmill for you.  Make sure that the top speed is over 10 MPH; ideally the top speed will surpass your personal top speed.  Look for chest strap heart rate monitors, not pulse sensors.  Large speed, incline and other controls are ideal and should be easy to access while in motion.

•    Belt Size:  One of the most important features that all the best treadmills for running share are large treadmill belts.  You need more room when you run, rather than walk, so be sure that you have at least 20 inches in width no matter your height.  For length, those over six feet tall should have a belt that exceeds 55 inches.  For those six feet and under, 52 to 55 inches should suffice.  Of course, if you’re a long strider, go longer in the belt.

•    The Motor:  The best treadmills for running will always come with at least a 1.5 continuous duty peak performance rating.  Look for this number rather than “peak horsepower” or “treadmill duty” or “intermediate duty.”  These numbers don’t matter, the only one that does is the continuous duty peak performance rating.  You should also get a Pulse Width Modulate (PWM) motor which will save you money in the long run by outperforming the other choice you have, the Solid State Control Rectifier (SCR) motor.  Look for motors with high torque, low RPMs and high horsepower for peak longevity and performance.

•    Control Console:  This is a matter of preference seeing as controls will display the features you choose, but at the very least, all good running treadmills will display the speed, distance, time and pace.  If you want more features and controls, prepare to pay more money, especially for preprogrammed workouts (which are highly beneficial).

•    Frame: The best frame for running on a treadmill is high alloy steel frames.  Stay away from aluminum, plastic covered wood, painted particle boards, etc.  They are not as sturdy and are more prone to breakage and accidents.  Particularly check around the belt for durability in the frame; it should be rock sturdy.

•    Rollers: Solid rollers that are at least two inches in diameter are pretty much the necessary par for the course in all of the best treadmills for running.  Tapered rollers also help keep the belt centered and aligned.  Stay away from hollow rollers and smaller rollers.

•    Incline: When training for outdoor racing or running on a treadmill, you’ll want to be sure that you have a good incline drive motor.  Find inclines that you are comfortable with and be sure to go for a hydraulic lift instead of a leverage system.

Some Final Words on Safety and Practical Buying Tips for the Best Treadmill For Running

When it comes to training on a treadmill, running poses a higher need for caution and attention to safety than walking does.  Your treadmill should always have:

•    An emergency shutoff button that is easily accessible in case you stumble or fall while exercising

•    A safety key which must be inserted prior to starting the machine (essential in houses with small children)

•    The safety key should self-detach, automatically shutting off the treadmill, should the user get too far from the control panel

•    Foot rails should be wide enough for you to jump off of the deck onto in case of emergency

In general, don’t buy a treadmill that isn’t quiet or running smoothly when you are exercising at your top speed.  On the same tip, don’t buy one that is operating loudly while you are walking slowly either.  Make sure the belt runs smooth and doesn’t skip, slide or slip, no matter the speed or user weight.  Overall, make sure the machine feels sturdy when you use it and that all of the controls are easily within reach as you exercise.

To get started finding the lowest prices on the best treadmills for running, click here  right now and don’t get taken for a ride.

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