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The Treadmill Interval Workout – A Feature Designed To Meet The Physical Fitness Enthusiasts’ Needs

The use of treadmills has recently been on the rise owing to the fact that many people find it more convenient to do their daily workouts at home rather than doing it outdoors. Even though cycling and weightlifting gyms have also had their fair share of home-based physical exercises, running or jogging on a treadmill yields much more benefits than the use of bikes and dumbbells.

In essence, treadmills offer comprehensive workouts that involve many parts of the body, especially when used along with preset treadmill interval workout programs.

Major online shopping sites offer a wide range of treadmills which vary significantly on their features, sizes and weight handling capacities. Proper evaluation of these features is highly recommended to ensure that the purchased treadmill effectively meets the needs of the user.

Ideally, the treadmills are designed to accommodate all classes, ranging from professional athletes to common users who are simply after maintaining their physical fitness.

The highly priced treadmills hitting the highs of 3000 dollars offer much more complex features. Most of these highly priced treadmills feature treadmill interval workout programs, LED display heart rate monitors, distance covered enumerator, step counters, calories burned monitors, ample running space and more importantly, a wide range of preset treadmill interval workout programs that the user can adopt.

For instance, Precor and LifeSpan fitness treadmills, which are among the most complex treadmills in the market, offer over twenty preset workout programs, specifically categorized under treadmill interval workout programs, heart rate programs, weight loss programs, speed programs, incline programs, 5K/10K programs and customizable programs that the user can set according to his mood, time available and personal capability.

The medium priced treadmills still share a good number of features with the complex treadmills, but have a narrower range of preset treadmill interval workout programs. In essence, these treadmills, which cost half the price of the complex treadmills, provide 6 workout programs categorized under heart rate programs, weight loss, incline and customizable programs.

Most of them also feature a foldable frame as well as treadmill interval workout programs, heart rate monitors, step count enumerators, calories burned monitors, distance covered and workout progress display.

Two more treadmill categories hit below the 4-figure price, the first one costing around $800, while the other category comes in around $200, with the latter working on a manual operation basis only. Despite the fact that these two types cost much less than the complex and medium priced treadmills, they still boast heart counters, distance covered tracking, step counters and calories burned monitors.

The only feature that they lack is the treadmill preset workout programs, and thus the users are supposed to formulate their own personal workouts using workout CDs or any other reliable source. Some of them may also have limited weight-handling capacity as compared to the complex treadmills.

All in all, the complex and the simple treadmills confer commendable health benefits especially on heart function, lung function, weight management and overall body fitness. They are also a good solace point when the outdoor environment does not favor a walk or a run around the field. Additionally, they help users keep track of their progress by the use of counters all along the way.

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