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Tips for Picking The Right Nordic Track Treadmill

When you want the best in treadmills, the answer is pretty simple: get a Nordic Track.  But when you want the best Nordic Track treadmill for you, that’s not always so simple.  The main reason is that Nordic Track is the top treadmill design company in the world and as such, they have numerous models ranging in price from $599 all the way up to $3,499.  Throw in the different features available, different models from different years and the different series and it can almost become an overwhelming guessing game.

Regardless of which of the many Nordic Track treadmills you wind up with, the overall benefits are going to be about the same.  You will:

•    Increase endurance
•    Raise performance
•    Burn tons of calories
•    Lose weight
•    Maintain proper health
•    Increase heart health

But with the right Nordic Track for your specific fitness goals, you can attain all of these things at your own pace, in your own price range and in your own home.  Here’s how to do that:

How To Choose A Nordic Track Treadmill

The first things that you want to do in order to narrow down the selection between Nordic Track treadmills are:

•    Decide how much money you want to spend.  With the large price range of Nordic Track treadmills, understanding your own budget will help you shorten your selection.  The more money you spend, the more components and features you’ll have.  But do you really need them?  Also, the larger motors, better tread belts and higher capacity mechanical components that come with pricier models are better for running.

•    Determine how often it will be used.  Depending on how extensive your use is, you’ll want to pick different treadmills.  Heavy usage requires high performance treadmills while walkers or occasional users can get away with a smaller motor.

•    Consider what features you want.  Features will enhance your workout and help to keep you motivated, but aren’t vital to your routine.  Features certainly are fun, but they do cost more money.

After you figure out these factors, your Nordic Track treadmill field should be narrowed down considerably.  Next, take a look at the components for each of the following.

Nordic Track Treadmill

Nordic Track Treadmill

The Motor

The bottom line with any treadmill motor is that the larger it is, the better it will perform and the longer it will last.  To figure this out, simply look for the CHP (continuous horsepower) number, the number of horsepower your treadmill can be expected to continuously provide over time.  Different exercises require different CHP levels:

•    Walkers: 1.5-2.0 CHP
•    Joggers: 2.0-3.0 CHP
•    Runners: 3.0 CHP or higher

The Tread Belt

When it comes to the tread belt, your stride, height and exercise type makes all the difference.  The larger the tread belt, the more exercising surface you have.  Unlike other treadmills, Nordic Track lists their true running surface so you can be sure the numbers you see are actually what you’ll get (not how big the belt is but some of it is covered by plastic).  Also, if you’re looking for a longer lasting, higher durability belt, go for a 2-ply tread belt.  As for sizing (W x L):

•    20″ x 55″ belts for normal strides and those under six foot
•    20″ x 60″ or more for longer strides and runners over six foot

Nordic Track Treadmill Cushioning

There are many different types of cushioning offered by Nordic Track so if you don’t know which is which, you could easily wind up with the wrong one.  Here’s a quick rundown about what you need to know:

•    If a treadmill only has one cushioning isolator, it only absorbs impact in that specific area, not the whole belt.

•    Adjustable cushioning systems permit customization of settings which allows you to choose exactly where the impact is absorbed and just how much of the impact is absorbed regardless of stride type or user weight.

•    Treadmills with multiple isolators increase the overall area and percentage of the impact absorbed, allowing you to exercise safer and longer.

•    Some isolators are suspended throughout the entire deck, absorbing all impacts without requiring adjustments.

•    The best cushioning system consists of multiple isolators which are fully adjustable, allowing complete customization and total comfort.

Treadmill Rollers

When it comes to Nordic Track treadmills’ rollers, you want a larger roller that makes the belt run smoothly and quietly for years and years.  Larger rollers mean less bend in the belt which gives you more life to the entire tread since the fibers don’t need to bend as much.  Larger rollers also rotate less than smaller rollers, prolonging the life of the bearings inside the treadmill.  A smaller roller that is half the size of a larger roller works twice as hard, therefore lasting half as long.

But larger rollers also keep the belt from slipping, meaning that you’ll have a smoother, safer workout no matter what speed or intensity level you’re going for.  When it comes to rollers, size matters.

Picking Between Nordic Track Consoles and Controls

As for consoles and control systems, Nordic Track has such a wide variety of features and settings to choose from, the only choice you really have to make is which ones you want.  As mentioned above, Nordic Track has the best design team in the industry so you can be sure that the consoles are easy to see and that the controls are large and easy to use.

Stats such as time, distance, incline, speed and pulse are fairly standard across the boards for all Nordic Track treadmills.  But some of the more advanced consoles also come with built-in games, web browsers and pre-programmed workouts.  You can also choose from touch screen web browsers, touch control pads, one-touch systems, scrolling systems and many, many more.  In the end, it’s really just a matter of preference and how much you’re willing to spend.

Built-In Programs on Nordic Track Treadmills

Many Nordic Track treadmills come with built-in workout programs that are designed by Certified Personal Trainers (CPTs) hired by the company to give you the best workouts possible.  These programs are set with different speeds, inclines and times to push you to your limits no matter what your experience level.  Essentially, you are training with a personal trainer every time you step on the machine.  Choose a treadmill with as many or as few preset workout programs as you like; you’ll get professional results without spending on professional trainers.

iFit Live Technology

Finally, for ultimate customization and a unique exercise experience that keeps you motivated and fresh, check out the iFit Live.  This technology allows you to customize your workouts, run and train for races and compete against others.  Powered by Google Maps, you simply download actual trails and courses into the treadmill and it automatically recreates the actual incline of the landscape in the comfort of your own home.  This gives you the ultimate workout experience and advantage.

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